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Recently I saw and purchased a class given by Sue Bryce on Creative live. I was so inspired that I began to plan how I was going to go about lighting and photographing the types of imagery of women that Sue does. My first plan was the small bedroom I use as my office. After all, I have a North facing window for light but not much space. After a whole morning of wrestling with the desk and trying to maneuver room I went to plan “B”, the living room. After trying this space with limited light, a one hour time frame, I decided to create my own light. I pulled out the one and only Ice Light, my polystyrene boards and told my friend Kris that we needed to do beauty shots of her since she was having a birthday. I have to say I am very pleased with my images and am even more inspired to try more of Sue’s posing advise. I think every woman wants to look and feel beautiful in her photographs and Sue Bryce has given photographers the inspiration and education to achieve this in such a beautiful way. My friend Kris and I had so much fun doing this and it has given her a new feeling of beauty about herself! Can’t wait until the next one!