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We have a hidden jewel here in Fresno, photographically speaking. The Spectrum Art Gallery on Olive Ave. in the Tower District has been a part of my photographic growth for 25 years. For 30 years, Spectrum has opened it’s doors to the public, showing photographic exhibits, holding workshops and events, and most importantly, educating the community on valuing photography as an art.

In the past four years I have not been as involved with members and events at the Spectrum. At the beginning of 2013, I thought about what I would like to accomplish this year, And found myself missing the friendships that go hand in hand with my love of photography. Within the week, I ran into two people which had enriched my life in Photography. This was my confirmation, my longing to reconnect with those that were most encouraging early on in my film and darkroom days. Those that critiqued me with love and kindness, those that only wanted to see me get better and succeed. Those that had my best interest at heart and still greet me with a great big smile and hug!

Soooo….it was only fitting that I participate in the Spectrum Gallery Tower Photowalk. For me, any chance to hang with a bunch of photographers is a great time. It’s amazing to see the different perspectives of the same street we all walked down. Below are a few of my images from the event. Go to The to their face book page and give them a like, Spectrum Art Gallery,  their dedication to keep Photography a Fine Art is a labor of love and passion, to this I am truly grateful!

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