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Last year I was challenged to participate in a week long Raw food diet.  I usually an up for a good challenge and since I was having some digestion issues, I thought it would open me up to a places I had never gone before.  The challenger helped us prepare for the week and as I went a long I discovered new menus and things to make as a meal.  The key here is preperation. There is no way, when I am ravenous that I can wait for something to dehydrate nor am I in my right mind when I am hungry. It was a week of eye opening proportions and I felt fantastic  Since then, I continue to eat a raw meal at least once, a day, juice green drinks and dehydrate yummy snacks.  My friend Donna turned me on to this fabulous website Nouveau Raw.  While there, I found this fabulous recipe for Middle Eastern Tahini Kale Chips.  My greatest weakness….chips, in any shape or form! Since I have found this recipe, I can eat as many as I like without guilt.  So if you are a raw foodie or just looking for something a little daring, try them.  You can find the recipe here:

http://nouveauraw.com/raw-recipies/kale-chips/middle-eastern-tahini-kale-chips/          You need a dehydrator for these, but they are sooo worth it!

Kale Chips