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Photographing the Crews family was so much fun.. My friend Joy suggested this old abandon house and I knew Vicki’s family would be the perfect fit! When my assistant and I got there, we were held hostage by the neighbors dog. I had to iPhone a pic! My protein bar did not make him any friendlier, but after a while he wandered back to his house, whew!
I could not ask for a better group, even through the weeds, the kids made the best of it. Their family is creative and artistic, enjoy the Art Hops and support Art happenings in our town. Ken worked on the new M St. Art Complex here in Fresno in which his daughter Jamie and myself share a desire to be a part of. Vicki is a fabulous landscape designer, as well as interior design. During our shoot we had a visitor, a tarantula that had lost a leg along his journey, yet it didn’t seem to slow him down. I had many favorites from this session, so posting just one would not do.
Michele Michaels Photography-Crews Family