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World Changers is an organization of 12,000 student volunteers from around the nation. Once a year about 138 kids come into town and refurbish homes and buildings in neglected neighborhoods. This year they teamed up with our local Habitat for Humanity. Our church sponsors these young people every year during their week here in the Fresno/Clovis area. One day during that week I usually sign up to feed a crew of about 15-17 kids. I love talking with them. I end up meeting kids I did not know that attend our church and some that are from other states. I am amazed that these young people sign up to come to our city, always at the hottest time of year, and do a lot of hard work to give others hope. Their attitudes are amazing, they are humble and kind, and talk opening about their Faith in a God. They are bringing Joy to others in need. Such a contrast to some of the young teens we see today. I always take my daughter with me as I want her to see the value in serving others, that we were not created to be self serving. I want to be an example to her that sometimes we just need help and it’s okay to accept and ask for it.