Recently a friend of mine experienced a terrible loss, the theft of her laptop. I know this can not compare to the loss of a loved one, but this loss did take a piece of her. It held all the images and videos of her two-and-a-half year old daughter. It was where all her memories were stored.

This brings me back to my roots, my photographic start and my core beliefs. My roots: the wet darkroom, rolling and developing my own film, the painstaking process of creating a beautiful print from start to finish. We were taught to protect our negatives, using archival sleeves and being careful not to scratch them while pulling them in and out of the enlarger. Ansel Adams once said, “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance”. This is my core belief, even though this digital age promotes shoot, burn and store precious memories on electronic devices. Still, there is nothing about the creative process that makes my heart sing more than delivering a beautifully executed print, book or wedding album. The iPhone, iPad or computer screen can not (in my opinion) compare to the beauty of a finished print. At the very least our photographic memories are worth the small price of an off site back up.

The promise I have made to myself: that I will not compromise that which I believe strongly with my heart and soul. Never again will my packages not include a finished piece, in print or album. I have to be true to the artist within.