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A few months ago I signed up for an Art class. Feeling in a funk, I thought it would shake things up a bit for me and be fun. I chose something completely out of my comfort zone –a charcoal drawing class- with Dustin Sharnick, whom I had met at an Arthop when he was showing in the same building where my studio resides. Comfort for me is clean, neat and tidy. This is not so when working with this type of medium, it is far from clean, neat and tidy. It is messy, very messy. Recently one of our lessons was a collabrative project, we each took a quarter of a photograph and worked on it, at the end putting it together to make one whole image on a large scale. It was a great experience, coming together, we realized each others strength and used that in our approach. Then the drawing, rubbing, blending and black dust began. It really was something to see how each of us saw our quarter of the photograph with a different perspective.

Life is messy, which has been my life’s experience ALL of my life. No smooth sailing or straight roads for this girl. It’s Gods way of getting my attention when I’m off in the other direction not paying attention to his purpose for my life. I believe that this class, in this season of my life, is his way of helping me to embrace the messiness for all that it is,  and direct me to relish in the joy and beauty that is in front of me. His grace, mercy and blessings in my life. I cannot control the dust that others choose to make, but I can control whether or not I allow it to steal my JOY. Today I choose Joy!

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