2014-08-09 02.09.05

The other day I had to do some lab work for an up coming procedure. This involved giving blood. The technician made a few comments about my doctor doing this two weeks prior to my procedure oppose to the week of. They were not positive or nice comments. I on the other hand, appreciated her office’s organization not to have any hang ups at the last minute. His negativity spilled over with every sarcastic remark. I stopped immediately with any sort of small talk.

I left thinking that he was in an amazing position to shine light onto people who might be experiencing very serious health issues or scary operations. Instead he chose to be a thorn. Everyday we get the choice to be miserable or the opportunity to bring joy to another. Our choices spill over onto others. How do you want to leave your impression?

Shine On!                                                                                                                                                               Michele