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I had the opportunity recently to help my daughter and her Girl Scout sisters work towards their GS Silver Award. This has to be a community service project that they work on together. They chose to benefit The Halo Cafe , a wonderful organization that provides food for pets if their owners can not feed them  due to an economic crisis or other circumstances that people face in life.  The goal: to help deter people from having to surrender their pets to already overcrowded shelters. The organization can not purchase beds or blankets with their money and beds are the most requested item in December & January because of the cold temps in our valley. With the two fundraisers these girls did, they were able to supply The Halo Cafe with over 35 pet beds, blankets and dog treats. It was a win!

For the second half of the collection process, Tailwaggers 2 welcomed the girls to use their facility and promoted the event for them. For every bed or donation collected, pet owners were treated to portraits with or of their pet. It was such a great time meeting these beautiful lovers of animals!  Here are some of my favorite pics of the day.